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Kenapa gue suka baca buku-bukunya Paulo Coelho ? karena, cerita2 di bukunya memberi “banyak” pencerahan & heart-warming 🙂
Baru saja tadi sore selesai baca Brida (untuk kedua kalinya). Suka banget sama quote dari the English poet William Blake, yang terdapat dalam buku itu :
“What is now proved was once only imagin’d”

Hmmm. Love it 🙂

Doubting God’s Existance

Another good story from Mr.Coelho…  Enjoy it

A man went to trim his hair and beard. As always happens, he and the barber chatted about this and that, until – commenting on a newspaper article about street kids – the barber stated:
“As you can see, this tragedy shows that God doesn’t exist.
“How?” asked the costumer to his barber