Aini is a sister, a wife & a mother-in-the-making.  An introvert-extroverted writer (nah, bingung kan lo ?). A bookworm, a  crafty-mama, a curious learner & a kitchen-goddess, but… definitely not a domestic-goddess. Addicted to tea, sushi & ice cream. Can’t drive. Can’t live without Ibrahim Umar. Always enjoy her weekend doing “Chef-Battle” together with Baim, as well as having a movie-marathon. Loves the smell of coffee, sea-breeze, rain & roses Alma’s hair. Likes to spend hours doing the “nyampah-thingy” with her husband, or her brothers 😛 Loves traveling & taking pics. After so many exciting culinary-adventures, she always be a nasi-padang-and-pempek lover 😉

From April 23 2010, she’s a mom of a beautiful little girl named Almahajna Retna Zenobia (Alma).

She loves to spent her free time curled up on the sofa with good books, or just doing some blogging activities & chitchat with her besties. If the weather is good, she’ll grab her camera & taking pics… or wander around the town & find a nice bookshop to stopped by 🙂